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Cookbook Spotlight: How to Bake Everything by Mark Bittman (+ my favorite classic American pie crust recipe)

Lemon bars made with gelatin give you a clean, precise slice when all is said and done. They're great for presentation. Lemon bars without gelatin are more gooey, less showy, and meant for Sunday afternoons sitting on the porch catching up with a close friend. They are completely lacking in pretension-- they may not totally hold their shape while you're trying to plate them up, so you might as well eat them right out of the pan.

Cookbook confessions

I will admit that like many people in my generation, I love the internet for all of its fast-paced, informative, and visually appealing food content.  But cookbooks will always have a place on my shelf.  Part genuine works of art and part functional kitchen tools,  I will always treasure and value them.